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Evertales 1.13 APK + DATA for Android

Download Evertales APK + DATA version 1.13 free for your android. Go on an adventure!

Evertales 1.13 APK + DATA Files
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Size: 92 MB
Rating: 4.0/5
Type: Arcade - Action

Game Review:

★ A couple customer reviews from the Play Store 
"Disappointed First shadow lands, now this. The games are fine but way too short. Add something to make them worth it. Last game I'm buying." --Paul bradshaw  

"Neat but short I was going to complain about how there was no female character to choose from, but 65-70 minutes after starting I finished the game. So the main game literally takes just over an hour to finish. If it takes an hour to finish, maybe it shouldn't cost more than $1. For some people an hour of far too easy bland entertainment for $2 will be worth it and you can do survival mode afterwards if you want. This theme expanded and more difficult could be really awesome. As it is its brief and bland, with no actual story or anything (it tries to be funny instead, it's so short it doesn't really matter I guess either way). It is pretty for sure and has some cool looking areas but it's done too quick and so easy you don't feel that engaged. That they"  --Summer LaRose

"Awesome...but UPDATE Wish more games were like this... ***EDIT*** 5 stars down to 3 Game is WAY WAY to short" --Mad Billy

Once upon time, there was a tale of mighty heroes, protectors of the realm, and the saviors of many damsels in distress. This…is not that tale.
This is a tale of unlikely Heroes. Embark on journeys of not-so-epic proportions with Sir Jorgin, the noble knight past his prime; Arwick, the ladies man and elf rogue; and Taragon, wize, old, and somewhat senile wizard. Welcome….to Evertales.

Quest with 3 unique heroes:
• Sir Jorgin, the mighty knight, is a fierce melee fighter and can take a punch!
• Arwick the Elf specializes in ranged weapons, charm, and an attractive double jump!
• Taragorn the Senile wields tight spells a loose tongue, and the power to levitate!

Unlock 20+ weapons for your heroes to better seek your glory, slay your foes, and save yourself! Evertales
has a diverse selection of weapons, ranging from a variety of swords, bows, staves, and even molotovs!

Do you fancy taking a stroll through the Fungi Forest? Or spelunking into the caverns of carnivorous creatures? Have a strong desire to hunt down some Rodents of Unusual Stature? Or how about confronting the devious Dark Lord of Darkness? Now you can as you embark into Evertales!

Unlock and equip a diverse selection of armor for your heroes. Want to play the game as a Spartan or Drunkard? Go ahead. How about a lovely Christmas outfit or less than lovely Hobo garb? Go ahead, suit yourself!

Each chapter concludes with an epic confrontation with an epic boss fight! Defeat the Giant Dwarf, sink the ship of the Dead Pirate Roberts, rock out with the dreaded Stone Golem, and more in a quest to end all quests!

Evertales features beautifully rendered 3D characters and environments along with masterfully created 2D interface. Allow your eyes to flood with some of best graphics for the mobile generation.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Evertales 1.13 APK + DATA Download Links:

Download putlocker
Download [Mirror 1] Zippyshare
Download [Mirror 2] Sharebeast
Download [Mirror 3] Sendspace
Download [Mirror 4] Multiupload

1. Install APK
2. Copy ‘com.crescentmoongames.evertales’ folder to ‘sdcard/Android/Obb/
3. Launch the game

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